Around 83 bird species make up the range of birds that reach El Color de mis Rêves. Own and foreigners visit us to contemplate their colors and their flights.

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Bird photographer: Fabio Arias • Pajarologist
Serycossypha Albocristata- White-Cap

Troglodytes Solstitialis- Mountain W

Tangara Nigroviridis Beryl-Spangled

Margarornis Squamiger - Pearled Tree

Myothlypis Nigroristatus - Black Cre

Trogon Personatus- Masked Trogon

Colibri Coruscans - Sparkling Violet

Poecilotricus Rufiseps - Rufous Crow

Andigena Nigrirostris- Black Billed

Glaucidium Jardini-Andean Pygmy Owl

Grallaricula Nana-Slate-Crowned Ant

Grallaria Nuchalis - Chestnut Naped

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Vereda Montaño,

antigua vía Nevado del Ruiz

Villamaría • Caldas • Colombia

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